Based in Reno, Nevada, Adaptive Capital Management, LLC is a registered investment advisor, specializing in long/short equity investment management in both US and selected foreign public traded securities. We offer professional money management to institutions and high net worth individuals.

Seeking invariants
from chaos...

We strive to achieve superior absolute returns to our investors, regardless of market environment, and pay great attention to the preservation of capital. We invest our own money alongside that of our clients.

We opportunistically seek value and growth on the basis of deep fundamental analysis of companies and industries.  Our highly disciplined research  methodology and proprietary models ensure that our investments are always based on stringent buy and sell criteria. We simply refuse to take any risk unless the odds are significantly in our favor, and the reward-to-risk ratio is substantial. 
Substantial and varied training and experience allow us the understanding of the complex matrix of business dynamics, technology, finance, valuations, and management teams.